The big, homegrown brand nobody knew about.

Representing 16 Michigan utilities and co-ops, Efficiency United had a problem: most of their customers didn’t know who they were, let alone trust them.

The Efficiency United brand had evolved quickly since its inception in 2010, even though we were unable to make major changes until now. This major contract was up for rebid and we needed to impress the Michigan Public Service Commission with a brand refresh.

Their large service territory spanned the upper and lower peninsulas—two very different lifestyles and cultures. So, we enlisted marketing intelligence to help us better understand what they had in common. The data showed the divide between the peninsulas wasn’t a factor. Messages of pride and heritage, fair value and honesty were.

Our key insight: Efficiency United offers real, long-term savings for real, hardworking Michigan communities.

The typical customer is a Caucasian Michigan homeowner over 50 years old. She owns a pre-1970 home in a rural area, is unlikely to have a college education, and doesn’t have children.

Everything was revisited, from the logo (finally!), color palette and typography, to the photography style (see photo shoot here) and overall tone. All of it was carefully crafted with Efficiency United’s customers in mind. Because this job was properly budgeted, scoped and resourced, our strongest creative talent had the time they needed to re-win the account with a thoughtful, strategic brand overhaul.

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The team: Christina Meisner, associate creative director // Elisa Leichty, art director // Diana Maes, senior graphic designer // Sean Armstrong, senior copywriter