Delivering ownable, on-brand photos that are as beautiful as they are strategic.

As part of Efficiency United’s brand refresh, we said goodbye to stock photography and created a library of images for their residential energy efficiency portfolio.

After engaging our marketing intelligence team, we discovered Efficiency United’s customer base differed from the client’s perception. In reality, their typical customer is a 50+, retired or blue-collar Caucasian empty nester with an older, rural home. Messages of honesty, value and patriotism resonate the most with this target audience.

Warm and fuzzy alert: the social media attention generated by the shoot helped both dogs find their forever home shortly after.

With these demographics in mind, we set out to capture real Michigan folks in genuine, everyday situations. We hired local talent and featured real field auditors who lived and breathed Efficiency United. To spice up the story visually, we worked with two rescue dogs from a local shelter.

The client trusted us completely during this two-day shoot. The resulting image library couldn’t have been better: A beautiful showcase of proud, hardworking older adults who are making Michigan a better place through energy efficiency.

* * *

The team: Marek Dziekonski, DP // Christina Meisner, associate creative director // Diana Maes, graphic designer