For computers, it’s a wonderful time to be alive.

Wisconsin-based Focus on Energy wanted to test the smart thermostat waters. They decided to make a splash with generous rebates that made these smart thermostats a whopping half price. It was a new program their customer base was unfamiliar with, and a new technology they were uncomfortable with. To make the technology more approachable to our audience, we gave it the starring role—and added a memorable twist.

Every day, we venture deeper into the age of the Internet of Things. Our most vital personal tools, including our home thermostats, are learning to talk to each other. Learning to give us the control we want. Relieving us of the mundane responsibilities we don’t. And saving us piles of money in the process.

So when it comes to breaking the news of this reward, perhaps the most enthusiastic spokespeople are the computers themselves. What if their big, data-crunching language is the only one that can faithfully express the enormity of this deal?

After the internal run-through, account management was worried. They felt this campaign was too out there for the client, and asked us to present only the two safer directions.

We politely declined. The “BEEP BOOP*” campaign challenged the Focus on Energy brand in a much-needed way (the client’s words). To account management’s chagrin, the client chose “BEEP BOOP” over the safer campaign directions, and went on to win a Gold Hermes Creative Award in the Advertising Campaign category.

* * *

The team: Lynn Pulsifer, creative director // Christina Meisner, senior designer // Nick Carter, senior copywriter