Let’s be honest: Most stock photography is less than stellar, especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

There are loads of stereotypes. Forced situations. And of course, the dreaded thumbs-up-while-looking-directly-into-the-lens pose.

Consumers Energy, one of the nation’s largest utility companies, felt the same way. So when they asked us to build their own image library, we jumped at the chance. The task: shoot their entire portfolio of energy efficiency programs—even those run by industry competitors.

The scope was enormous. After working closely with the photographer, account management and the client to set realistic expectations, we split the shoot into two phases to accomplish it all. Phase I focused on lifestyle shots, and Phase II emphasized measure-specific, technical images.

By weaving energy efficiency into authentic, everyday moments between diverse Michigan families, we’re now able to tell a powerful visual story that’s natural, heartfelt, and entirely ownable.

“We knew from experience that Christina’s creative direction and leadership would ensure our $120K+ investment in a photoshoot would be used wisely. The images needed to strike a delicate balance of technical accuracy in lifelike situations, and what we received exceeded our expectations.

From pre-production to directing shoot days to retouching, the entire process was thoughtfully managed to ensure every aspect was a unique reflection of our brand and Michigan customer base.”

* * *

The team: Tom Gennara, DP // Christina Meisner, associate creative director // Diana Maes, graphic designer